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A Smarter Way to Feed Your Plecos and Other Aquarium Fish

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The Pleco Feeder Backpacks

The Pleco Feeder Backpacks

Booth Display at The Aquatic Experience

Photo Booth at The Aquatic Experience

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Customer Review
If you've been in the hobby for any length of time you probably know all about the different methods to prevent your veggies from floating when introduced into the tank: Blanching, tying them to a rock, utilizing a suction clip,trying to squeeze the air out of them, threading plant weights into them etc. Most of which require you to put your arm in the tank upon introduction and removal of uneaten foods. This device has simplified my feeding of veggies to such a degree that I tend to offer them more frequently, which is a boon to my fish and me. If you feed vegetables to your fish, buy this item already, you'll be glad you did.

Some Longfin ancistrus eating zucchini.

The Pleco Feeder Booth at the Aquatic Experience.

The coil on The Pleco Feeder is about 2" (5cm) long.

A Flash Pleco enjoying some zucchini.

Customer Comment
Hi! We bought a large and small feeder at the Aquarium Experience in Chicago. You were sold out but shipped them to us afterward. We have enjoyed feeding our pleco this way enormously! Thank you for your clever creation. We used your idea of tucking a few slivers of an algae wafer into the cucumber slice to start off, and he has been a big fan from the very beginning.

The first Pleco Feeder I made. The wire was too thick to make it into the form I wanted.

The second Pleco Feeder was made from a coat hanger. It was easier to bend but would rust. It was a great proof of concept piece.

Customer Comment
Hello, Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the fantastic product in The Pleco Feeder. I saw a couple interviews last year on You Tube from Pecktec and someone else at the Chicago Aquatic Experience in 2015. I finally broke down and bought one and man my Plecos, Ottos, and Amano Shrimp love eating off of it. It is a fantastic product, great design, love the package on the clear box it comes in. I will be buying a few more in the months to come for my other tanks. Thanks again for making such an innovative product for my fish! -Michael

Probably the third Pleco Feeder. Now made from Stainless Steel with a rubber end to help stabilize it against the tank. Better but still not there yet.

It is fun to watch the plecos come out to eat

Customer Review
This is an amazing product. We first bought one and were so happy with it so we bought another one. We hang one on each side of the tank so all our fish can have a chance and don’t have to push. We love it because our clips (many different brands) kept on breaking and I didn’t like my hands getting wet.

Our fans come in all sizes.

Our fans come in all sizes.

Customer Review
GREAT PURCHASE! I cut cucumbers in half, then attach one half to this little thing and my pleco's feast like crazy. It keeps the veggie still so they can OM NOM NOM. I went back and purchased a second one so my two commons don't have to fight over it. GREAT purchase.

Salt water Peppermint Shrimp eating some cucumber.

Sometimes your fish will not know that the fresh vegetable is food. Try pushing some food they do like into The Pleco Feeder. Then when they eat it they will get some of the fresh vegetable and realize it is food as well.

The food grade silicone ball keeps The Pleco Feeder off the glass.

This is the really nice book that the US Government sends to you when you are granted a patent.

A green phantom pleco.

Customer Comment
Thanks for the post card w/ order. The real thanks should go to Pecktec YouTube video featuring you and your product. I have 5 aquariums at the moment and can relate to wet arm syndrome.

A pleco party. A green phantom pleco, a L144 Blue Eyed ancistrus, and a long finned ancistrus.

A Flash Pleco and Royal Pleco enjoying some snow peas.

A green phantom pleco.

The tenth? iteration of The Pleco Feeder. You can see the the hook at the top is closer to the final design. I started trying rubber pieces onto the nub.

A later version of The Pleco Feeder. The hook is working well. Here is a loop to put a rubber foot into that will hold the feeder off the glass. The loop resulted in adding another step to the manufacturing process that made this design cost prohibitive.

The final design after about a year of changes and testing.

Customer Comment
Hi Doug. I just received the longer pleco feeder that you sent to me and I wanted to thank you! I love it and it goes down at just the right depth for my ( very spoiled) pleco. That was so awesome of you to make one for me! It doesn't seem weak, but I'm being careful with it and I'll let you know if it rusts, but I'm really not worried about that. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!

Early promotional advertising that never saw the light of day.

A nice picture submitted by a customer. Note the rubber ball has been placed over the end. Some users have expressed concern that their fish could get hurt on the end of the feeder. The Pleco Feeder has been designed so the end points toward the back.

Customer Photo.